Services Provided

From contract to close, Bay County will be with you, every step of the way.

A well-coordinated, professionally conducted closing makes for a pleasant ending to your home buying or selling experience. With offices conveniently located throughout the Virginia and Maryland, our experienced settlements agents provide buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders with exceptional customer service with the goal to make each settlement process a seamless and positive experience.


Settlement Services

From the time that buyers and sellers enter a contract of sale, through settlement and beyond, we coordinate with real estate agents, buyers, sellers, lenders, and other third parties related to real estate transactions to finalize the transactions. That is: to effectuate the transfer of property, close the mortgage loan, or in most cases both tasks. From the handling of a title search, the documentation and exchange of money through escrow, the recording of conveyance and mortgage lien related documents in the appropriate land records, and the issuance of a title insurance policy, we have you covered.

Title Insurance Services

Title insurance products can protect property owners and mortgage lenders from claims relating to the chain of ownership for a particular property. Mortgage lenders regularly require the issuance of title insurance to protect the lender in order for an individual to be receive final mortgage approval. Title insurance is issued after a title search is conducted: which includes a search of the public records for documents related to a particular property in the land records of the jurisdiction where the property is located. A title search is a search of the public records. We look for a chain of title (i.e. transfer information), liens, covenants, easements, and a long list of other instruments in the public records related to an individual or entity's ownership of real estate. However, substantial defects may not appear in the public records and/or may not be discovered or readily discoverable by a title search; such as, a forged deed, undisclosed or mi